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Let us make you feel superior with our humble services. We blend East and West with our Thai Fusion Massage Technics. You will benefit from both therapeutic and indulgence approaches to harmonise body and mind and restore

Traditional Thai Massage

It's like a combination with yoga. Traditional Thai massage involves a long practised set of unique streching and brathing technics. Gentle streches may be applied throughout the treatment to promote the free movement of energy and flow of circulation.

Deep Tissue & Therapeutic Massage

This treatment is an organic oil based to warm up muscles and promote lymphatic and blood flows. Firm presure and streching technics are also used to heal muscular tension. This treatment is deal to trea aches and pains from playing sports to common postural issues.

Relaxation Masssage

This treatment is a full body massage or focussed to your requirments. The aim is to clam and de-stress. You will completely relaxed both your mind and body as well as refreshed and energied

Hot Stone Massage

Therapeutic Hot Stone Massage have involved in many forms and from many native ancient culture such as Japan, India and the America and it's healing is benefits mind body and spirits.

Facial Massage

Element aromatherapy oil facial massage melts away tensions for stress free skin that glow with radiant health.

Head Neck Shoulders Feet Massage

A choice of therapeutic, remidial or relaxing massage focusing on a specific part of your body.